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 Step by step instructions on how to upload your files to our server.

Select My Account and click it.

Log In with your user ID and Password.

Browse to the file you wish to upload on your computer.

Select File and click Open 

Click on Upload this file and wait while the file uploads onto our server. This may take a few minutes depending upon the speed of your connections and network traffic.

The file location the comes up when it has been succesfully uploaded onto our server. Copy this URL into the src portion of the img html tag. See the example.

You will also get an email to the account you signed up under letting you know that the upload was succesful and giving you the URL again just in case you have misplaced it.
All of your files will be located at:
http:www.file-house.com/upload/your-user-id/  .........replace your-user-id with your real user ID ,( your login name).
If you need help you may email support at the links on the page.

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