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Does file-house watermark my images or place advertising in your auctions?
Can I Try It Out Before I Commit?
I want to save money on image fees but don't know HTML. Can you explain how to insert an image into and ebay auction?
Where are my files?
I signed up and paid but haven't gained access yet.
How can I delete unneeded files?
Can I use mp3 or wav files for sound in my auctions or store?
How do I insert a image into an auction or web page?
Can You Make a Custom Template For Me?
What limitations does file-house place on files hosted here?
Can I use FTP to upload my files?
Exactly what is a subdomain and what are the advantages to having a subdomain?
I want a subdomain but am not ready to create a web page. Can we link the subdomain to my ebay store?
Can you host my blog?  Is it possible to use WordPress for a blog on your site?
I want a WordPress blog but can not install it myself.  Will you install it for me?
My last or present photo host is not reliable. What is your uptime and back up schedule?

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File house does not place any ads in your auction nor watermark your images. Your images belong to you and remain as you created them. You are free to watermark your own images to keep them from being stolen but there will never be any from us. We do ask that you please place an ebay approved banner in your auctions but do not require it.

Yes you can try it out before subscribing. Just contact us and ask about a free trial. After the month is up you are not obligated to pay anything unless you like the service and wish to keep it. I pledge to make your hosting service a pleasurable experience .

Yes we can help you to learn simple HTML. We have instructions located on this site as well as on 4u2go2 to help you. If are still having trouble still I can work one on one with you over the phone or via yahoo messenger for a small fee.
I have taught numerous people how to inert images and write web pages. It isn't that hard you can learn it too. This will not only teach you to write a simple web page with images but get you started towards more elaborate pages that will get you noticed, and increase your sales.

All files are located in your folder, determined by your user name.  The full URL will be http://www.file-house.com/upload/user-name. Simply replace "user-name" with your user ID and point your browser to that location to find your files.
This does not apply to subdomains. Subdomains will be your-name.file-house.com

As this is a ground floor operation we have not been able to upgrade to a fully automated program and all entries on our part must be done by hand. Rest assured you will not be paying for the time between your sign up and our granting you access. Most times this will be completed in a few hours or less but in extreme situations it could take a  little longer. Once your images go online expect them to be there 99.9% of the time.

Deleting files is simple. Once your auction has completed and you no longer need those files online just use the remove file link in your file management table located on the left side of your account page.

Yes you may upload mp3 and or wav files to use in your auctions or stores.

The code to insert an image is:

<img alt="image description goes here"

Notice that I placed "image description goes here between the " marks. This is called alternate text and is there for sight challenged people and for text only browsers such as some cell phones have. Alternate text can be left out but you should always use alternate text for all images. If you name your images with a descriptive name instead of a numeral like most cameras do you can gain an advantage as search engines use alt text to help index your pages.
The code to insert an image without alternate text is:

<img src="http://www.file-house.com/upload/my-account/my-pic.jpg">

 We have templates that are free for you to use as a customer that are easily modified. However if you need something else just contact me and I can create a custom template just for you. If you need help with a template feel free to ask any question you might have.

We do not host x rated images. We ask that you not place any image on our site that you would not want to show to your mother.  Also we require that you do not place any copyrighted material on our site unless you are the legal owner of it. 

 Yes you may use FTP to upload files but it must be as a subdomain. We can not grant access to a sub folder with FTP. Only top level folders can have a FTP account. 

Subdomains are allowed 2 gb's of storage and bandwidth per month. A subdomain can be had  for only $4.95 per month. Along with the 2 gb's of storage you can have as many folders and subfolders that you require. Subdomains are named like this example : my-name.file-house.com. With a subdomain you also have the ability to have your own website. Subdomain names can be your ebay user id if you want. If you require even more space simply notify me and we will work arrangements up with you.

You do not have to create a website if you select the subdomain option.
I will be glad to set up a subdomain and have it point to your ebay store. That way anyone who visits your website will automaticly be directed to your store. This in itself can have advantages, as ebay will give you a discount on direct sales coming from an outside link. Or you can leave it as a simple index page that will allow you to see a list of files and the ability to click on any of them as a  link. 

Yes we can host your WordPress enabled blog. WordPress requires a MySql data base and we have a limited number of those slots still available.
Your blog would be set up as a subdomain of file-house.com so your url would be my-blog-name.file-house.com. You also will get an ftp account so you may upload themes to your blog if you want to change the looks of your blog.

Yes we will install and set up your WordPress enabled blog for you. All you need to do is add any themes you may wish and run the setup that gives you your password and connects you to your dashboard.

Uptime is 99.9% with daily back up of your data. I use the same server for my auctions and can not afford to have broken images in my auctions and neither can you.