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 Using the <marque> tag to create a slide show.*

We can create a very simple image slide show that will scroll right to left wherever we place it on our website or auction page.This requires no knowledge of java script and will meet ebay's requirements as it uses no javascript. Below is a sample using my images from one of my other websites.The form contains the code to place the image as well as a link to a full sized version.You will need to replace the images and the links with your images and the url to link them up.
Below the form box with the code is a demonstration of the slide show.

stella de orro day lily wisteria in bloom wild violets in bloom antique pink rose in bloom purple azalea in bloom 96 rose in bloom ALL PICTURES ARE LINKS TO FULL SIZED IMAGES
*  Marque has been decapreated and no longer validates to web standards, but will still work in your web browser.
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