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To use the built in FTP program in windows we first start off by clicking on the "START" button. Once we do that there is command line box that is aptly named "Run".
ftp class image 1

Inside of the "run" box we type our ftp command. For file-house users it will be "ftp.mysite.file-house.com", without the quotations.
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Click OK and it will take you to your ftp login page. This will be the user id and password asigned to you. It should not be the name of your subdomain.
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Once you log in you will then see the files on your site and can now create directories (folders) upload or download files onto or off the internet. You can do this by simply using the drag and drop method of moving files. The FTP browser will show you your online files not the ones on your computer.
You will find that uploading multiple files is much easier via ftp than regular uploads.
ftp class image 4

Myself I prefer CuteFtp as I have been using it for many years and it does everything I need, but is not free. Staff-FTP is free and works nicely also. If you have any trouble connecting to your ftp server please do not hesitate to ask for help.